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While you're searching through the shop you may want to keep a note of any items of interest so that you can return to look at them later. Setting up a MyList, lets you add items, remove items or print out a list. Start a list or add to an existing one by clicking on the button located beneath each Item's picture. No personal information is needed but you will need to remember the name of the list and the password if you want to return to it at a later date.

If you already have a list you can Log In to it using the button below to make it Active and then either work with your List or search the shop and add more items if you want..

Search text:

The shop is always well stocked but we also have many items available that are not on display. Use the SEARCH facility above to find what you're looking for OR just click FIND to browse through all the items on the website BUT there's a lot of items and it will take a while to load (not all stock is on the website yet!).

Enter a word or phrase and click FIND.


1. For instance "table" will find all items that include those letters (e.g. "portable" and "tablets").


2. "oak table" won't find "oak barley twist table" - so use the wildcard character "*" (i.e "*oak*table*").


3. Try putting words in a different order (e.g. "*table*oak*").

Items displaying the Bargain Bothy Logo are usually located in the Bargain Bothy. These items can be excluded from the Search by unselecting "Include Items in the Bargain Bothy".

Items displaying the Recently Added Logo have been added to the website for the first time within the last 2 months. They may have been in the shop previously. The results of the Search can be sorted to display the Recently Added items first.

As not all items are on display in the shop, if you are coming to look at a specific item we suggest you phone first to make sure that we can have it available for you to look at.